Formica Group's architectural VIVIX® sheets supplied by Tälli Oy are fixed, lightweight, exterior trim designed solid laminates with a decorative surface on both sides. The innovative wood-fibre reinforced thermoset resin offers superior strength and durability and makes VIVIX® sheets an ideal solution for both new and refurbished properties. VIVIX® sheet has been proven to be a functional and stylish solution, for example, for balcony railings, window intermediate spaces and fences.

Tälli Oy is a partner of Formica® IKI Oy, offering façade products, sawn, drilled and packaged in order of installation directly to the site. The contents of the delivery include oven enamelled RST screws for wooden or metal bases. Tälli Oy also supplies various aluminium profiles used in surface installations, as well as EPDM sealing taping.

FORMICA VIVIX® high pressure laminate collection

  • Weather and UV radiation resistant
  • Durable and impact resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Because of the light weight of VIVIX®, it is easy to install and handle
  • Presawed to dimension before delivery or machined on site
  • Ecological and easy to recycle
  • Multiple colour and pattern options

What is a high pressure laminate?

Formica® high pressure laminate is a homogeneous material made from paper and resins. The base layer formed out of special paper sheets is impregnated with phenolic resin and the surface layer is textured with melamine resin. The base layer and textured surface layer are compressed at high pressure at 9 MPa and at a temperature of 150 C into a uniform sheet. After the compression phase, the background of the laminate sheet is roughened to improve the adhesion process. On the textured laminate sheet, a wear-resistant surface membrane is used.

“The laminate works required by our customers are machined by using CNC milling machines with specialty blades and tools to achieve the required quality level”

Optimizing and sawing of material

The dimensions delivered by the customer are optimized and the required sheet volume and sizes to be used are determined. The material is used cost-effectively, with the minimum amount of waste.

Drilling and CNC milling service

Parts can be delivered drilled and / or CNC-machined according to wishes, by brand.

Worksite logistics

Part specific labelling that clarifies the part dimensions, colour, and client reference (e.g. north_01, north_02), which facilitates part identification and installation at the work site. Parts are packed as needed in order of installation.

The high-pressure laminate is manufactured in compliance with the requirements of the EN 438 standard.


Facades and shelters

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