Tälli Oy manufactures Formica® IKI laminate and wood-based ready-to-install components for various interior decoration and construction solutions. Thanks to its durability, our components are used in, in addition to moveable and fixed furniture, as well as ceiling and wall panels, also parts of machines, wall coverings, food industry freezers, etc. Our IKI sheets are also familiar parts of Finnish design furniture.


The laminate sheets supplied by Tälli Oy are an easy-to-use and durable alternative for all surfaces. An innovative, fibre-reinforced thermoset resin solution provides superior strength and durability for even the most demanding conditions. Different CNC machining, colour, surface form, frame, edge moulding and edge processing options allow a very wide range of products.

What is a high pressure laminate?

Formica® high pressure laminate is a homogeneous material made from paper and resins. The base layer formed out of special paper sheets is impregnated with phenolic resin and the surface layer is textured with melamine resin. The base layer and textured surface layer are compressed at high pressure at 9 MPa and at a temperature of 150 C into a uniform sheet. After the compression phase, the background of the laminate sheet is roughened to improve the adhesion process. On the textured laminate sheet, a wear-resistant surface membrane is used.

The maximum size of the manufactured laminate is determined by the available compressor. The most widely used sheet size is 3050 x 1300 mm. The available thicknesses are between 0.7 to 20 mm. In addition to the solid laminate structure, high-pressure laminate is also glued to chipboard, MDF and plywood bases.

“The laminate works required by our customers are machined by using CNC milling machines with specialty blades and tools to achieve the required quality level”

The high-pressure laminate is manufactured in compliance with the requirements of the EN 438 standard.



Laminate-coated worktops are durable, whilst the various base and moulding options allow for even the most innovative designs.


Door surfaces for every premises and taste can be found in the Formica® Collection Directory.

Intermediate spaces

Laminates are an innovative and easy-to-install option for intermediate spaces.


The locations for the use of laminate sheets are the wall surfaces of apartments, partitions in the food industry and the ceilings of public…